"To upgrade your life to a place of freedom, success, wealth, peace, and happiness, you must first start with upgrading your mindset. Five Star Mentality will empower you to do just that."
Mindset is everything!!

Are you tired and frustrated with life as is? Do you feel like you should be much further along that what you currently are? Are you desperate for a change in your life, but you just have no idea where to start?

If so, I have great news for you! I know exactly where you need to start and what you need to do. 
All outward changes in life must begin with a change in one's thinking!

The Problem

Even though you may be ready to leave that 9-to-5 and start your own business; launch out on what could be that million dollar idea that has been brewing on the inside of you for the last several years; break free from paycheck-to-paycheck living; or stop allowing fear to hold you back from pursuing the purposes, desires, and dream of your heart, you are never able to make much progress.

The reason why is because you been tying to "level up" in your life without first "leveling up" in your mindset. Imagine if someone gave 100 acres of land to plant any type of crops you wanted. And they even said any profit you earned from the land you keep. This would surely make you a millionaire in not time. The only problem is, the land is covered with weeds that will take  awhile to clear out. What do you do? Do you try to plant the seeds over the weeds, are begin the painstaking process of removing the weeds first?

Of course common sense would say clear the weeds before you plant the seeds. Unfortunately, this is not how many people conduct their lives where their mindsets are concerned. You are trying to plant the seeds of a successful and prosperous life on the soil of a mind that is consumed by the weeds negativity, self-doubt, fear, hurts from the past, offenses, insecurity, and a hosts of other "weeds."

  • Identify and eliminate the faulty belief patterns
  • Break free from the thought patterns that have been limiting you to a live of mediocrity and complacency
  • Develop a Five Star Mentality that will allow you to live and experience life on a higher level
  • Make more money by changing the way you think about and relate to money
  • Use your imagination to manifest the life you've always dreamed of having
  • Achieve more by cultivating the 21 habits of Super Achievers
  • Be more, do more, and have more
In Five Star Mentality Your Will Learn How to:
This book is a must-read for anyone interested in loving the life they live and living the life they love. Kudos to Jarod and Tanika for creating this work of genius
- Nicole Normand (Author of Why Not You?)
Every once in a while, you will read a book that challenges your current way of thinking and viewing life in such a way that it will propel you to accomplish things that you never thought possible
- Samira Yousefi (Author of Diet Peace)
What readers had to say about Five Star Mentality
What a perfect time for this masterpiece to be writte. Five Star Mentality: The Mindset of the Super Achievers is indeed one of the most profound works that I have ever read. It is a simple and ,yet, powerful blueprint that can help everyone- from the CEO to the college student- to learn the secrets of being a super achieve in every arena of life.  
- Wend Eng (Author of Happy Free)
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